The Death Mountain Hermit says, Where am I? When am I?
Thu, Jan 15, 2009 - 1:45pm EST

My schedule below is rounded off to hours for simple chart reading. All times are given in Eastern Standard Time ("EST") or our needless Eastern Daylight Saving Time ("EDT"), whichever is going on at the time of last updating, unless noted otherwise. Don't forget that "12am" is midnight and "12pm" is noon. I'd like to list somewhat convenient contact times, but due to my being on call for work pretty much all the time, and due to my schedule still being a little bit tenative, I've written contact times pretty vaguely; I'm on the Internet more these days because of work, so that's now a much more feasible way to get me. However, if you need to reach me in an emergency situation, disregard listed times, including sleep, and make contact immediately!

[ Upcoming Special Events ]

None listed at this time.


[ Standard Weekly Schedule ]

  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
12am sleep sleep sleep sleep ??? sleep sleep
2 sleep
7 get ready get ready work? or chores & errands? get ready work? or chores & errands?
8 get ready get ready
9 ??? class get ready work? or chores & errands?
10 study class get ready work? or chores & errands?
11 worship
12pm talkin'
1 work? nap? friends? work? or chores & errands?
2 usually work
5 travel
6 travel talkin'
7 travel study worship & study study
8 TV show stuff
9 TV show TV show
10 sleep get home ??? sleep sleep
11 get home sleep get home

[ Sun | Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri | Sat ]

Sunday - first day of the week

I'm currently going back and forth between a couple cities each week. In one location, I worship YHVH with my Blood siblings at expediently scheduled morning services (9am-9:50am and 11am-12:30pm) with a classroom-environment study break in the middle (10am-10:50am). For the other location, I first travel about an hour (8:45am-9:30am); there, we start with the class (10am-10:50am), then worship (11am-12:15pm). Then, whatever city, after hanging around and talking and whatnot (barring any time-taking activities, such as baptisms or business meetings,) I usually figure out what I'm doing for lunch (around 1pm-2pm), which sometimes involves eating out with some of the aforementioned spiritual family. The rest of the day can be up in the air: I might have some work to get to immediately, such as knocking doors to spread the Word; I might be so drained from the weekend that I nap for awhile; I might just take a break and hang out with some friends, maybe play some games. Then, depending on various circumstances, I prefer to drive out to help behind the scenes with our controversial TV show (What Does The Bible Say? with Johnny, unless James fills in with A Word From The Lord,) broadcasting into two states. Upon getting back home, it's totally time for some sleep! Contact: I don't know what to tell you. You can probably reach me at my work number about all day. Just not during worship of course; I don't care who you are, I'm not answering. $:^ J

Monday - class, then~?

I have class first thing in the morning (8am), and it lasts until it lasts, usually in the afternoon (12pm or 1pm or something); we just finished Leviticus, and until the next year actually starts we'll do concentrated homoletics in the meantime. Sometimes lunch follows--with yokefellows, with no one, whatever. Then, depending on what needs to be worked on, what's requested of me, what of my own chores and errands need to be done, I just kind of try to do what I need to do for the rest of the day; I haven't determined an "official" day-off yet, and this is in large part due to my being on call for studies, interviews, video work, etc.; and because this theme will run throughout the rest of the days of the week until I moreso solidify things, I'll just type the word depends as a sentence for the rest of this page for shorthand to mean all that stuff I just wrote. Contact: I might be reachable at home through the latter part of the day. Don't know yet. $:^ ]

Tuesday - work~?, then study

No class today; I might be more inclined to take care of my own chores and errands or maybe hobbies today; don't know yet. Depends. $:^ b In the evening, however, (6pm-10pm,) I like to drive out to another city to assemble with some saints in group Bible study. Contact: It's possible you'll get me at home sometime from morning until evening, but I might instead be reachable only via work.

Wednesday - class, work~?, worship, study, TV show, ???

I have class a little late in the morning (10am), and like Monday, it lasts until it lasts (2pm or 3pm or something); we just started Deuteronomy, and we're incorporating Numbers as we go. Then, maybe lunch, yokefellows or no, and often something to work on until time to give the I AM some group praise (7pm-7:30pm), the Bible some group study (7:30pm-8:30pm), and What Does The Bible Say? some behind-the-scenes help (9pm-10pm). Now, after the show, I'm not sure what in the world I might do; shopping, visiting somebody who has a third-shift schedule, early sleep, it's just really up in the air. Contact: I'll probably only really be reachable via work all day.

Thursday - work~?, study, TV show

First part of the day? Depends. Then, more likely than not, in the late afternoon (5pm), I head off to another state to meet (6pm) with a guy (brother, friend, teacher, evangelist, carpooler, etc.) and talk some before heading out to assemble with the saints-for-whom-he-works for group Bible study (7pm), before then going to his TV show (A Word From The Lord, 9pm-10pm) to help where I can, followed immediately by another TV show (What Does The Bible Say?, 10pm-11pm) for which also I help where I can. After all that, I pretty much go home and go to sleep. Contact: See Tuesday.

Friday - work~?

Depends. All day long. No class. Contact: No telling yet. I might be reachable at home; I might be reachable via work; etc.

Saturday - work~?

This is usually the day I try to finalize my lesson for Sunday. Otherwise, see Friday. $:^ ] Contact: See Friday. $:^ P

Brandon W. Horton
ParodyKnaveBob $:^ J